Kids Like You

by Optimist Park

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This album is a bunch of previously unreleased demos and songs that lay waste on my machine; they were songs I created for albums, but never found a place for them. Instead of languishing on the computer (which can be argued where they should stay), I have decided to release these songs as a sort of b-sides collection, even if I have absolutely no A-sides to speak of. These songs also do not reflect the direction I am taking my music in now in my solo efforts, and just don't fit in with my other band, Kiss Kiss Fantastic. So here they are - for what it's worth, I'm sorry.


released January 19, 2012

unless where otherwise noted in each song, all instruments/ vox - jeremy mullins




Optimist Park Navarre, Florida

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Track Name: lollipops & hand grenades
i am the picture on the wall you can't wait to straighten
i am the gas cap you can't wait to screw on tight

it's so illogical
but feels so practical
it's so illogical
but it feels so good

i am the DNA your virus has yet to spin
i am the drug-induced coma you've come to be in
and they scratch and scratch
to get underneath your skin
and the more you pound the wall
the more you invite them in

now all the stars have faded...
Track Name: bully
i always chose the popular girls

with some belief i could change their world

and here you came along to knock me down a few pegs

i was small; i was weak

my high school future looked so bleak

and you just had to push me in front of the class

i don't know why i kept going back

and enduring the embarrassments

i guess i'm just too dumb to understand

you were threatened by my intelligence

my dad told me i had to fight back kids like you

and you were twice my size

what was i to do?
Track Name: the december kids
December, haunted by the ghosts of trees
Ivory bones with icy fingers reaching
Capillaries in breathless lungs
Gasping in the inky black

Skeleton armies stand to attention
Porcelain soldiers rooted to the spot
Colour-drained and thin-limbed
Pleading for retreat

December, all is fine bone china
Held aloft and set to shatter
Painted with a paupers palette
Tipp-Ex towns united in white

Blanked out by a powder blanket
Frosted, frigid landscapes shudder
Whitewash skimming over inkblots
Forgiving all beneath
Track Name: 1997
the innocent smiles she wore as a child have been replaced

by difficult scenes reenacted in dreams she thought she'd forgotten

the difference between us is the chemicals that make us hungry for something more

the heartbreak we promised wouldn't come around is sleeping in our bed

something is watching from the window

it knows what you're afraid of

i can feel its breath on my neck

and the laughter echoes through the halls
Track Name: pessimism [the changing of the seasons]
I remark that I am sad
for the change of the weather--
“But look how beautiful,”
you object,
and you make a bouquet –
red, yellow, orange,
brittle leaves for me
to protect.
“It won’t last,” is
my thank you.
Track Name: in the lights
midnight pours out its song

from your lips

in cool rushes of starlight

and blends with the morning,

your eyelashes become sunbeams

and your heartbeat

lingers, trembling

In the quiet aching,

in the loneliness

of mending,

in the arms

of never-ending love.
Track Name: science is not a belief
there's certainly no heaven behind the clouds
there's certainly no heaven behind the sun, oh no...

there's certainly no magic place beneath our feet

it's a cute idea / but archaic to think

'cause here are the people
here the words
here are the empirical facts you can observe
the cherubs, angels, and hymns you heard
were a cute idea
but absolutely absurd
Track Name: dinosaur
i watched the sun as it watched me crawl
and this problem is bigger than we'd thought it be
I know God
gave me eyes
but I couldn't care less to see
what this Earth is made of now

I pick the dry skin from my lips
I swallowed every ounce of blood

because heaven is rising up over the mountain
and I'd rather know love than to know any god like yours

Because all my friends
they came and went without a word
I blame myself
for everything

I watched the sun as it watched me fall
I could make no claim to knowing love at all

and heaven is rising up over the mountain
and I'd rather know love than to know any god like yours

all my friends
they came and went without a word
I blame myself
for everything

...I ran so far and got nowhere.