by Optimist Park

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released May 1, 2016

All songs and lyrics by Jeremy Mullins
except "Constellations" (lyrics by Cassandra Litten)




Optimist Park Navarre, Florida

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Track Name: The Storm
when i was a boy
i remember dreaming of the clouds
i wondered where all this rain came from
as it drifted me across oceans of doubt

oh i tried to understand
why everything had to always hurt

now i create worst-case scenarios
to counteract my happiness
logically, all things decay over time
so why doesn’t the fear ever subside

oh i tried to understand
why everything had to always hurt
why everyone was gonna let me down
and how i could make it through the storm

i now admit i can’t swim
Track Name: Her Name In Winds
she was bleeding
when i found her
i tried to patch wounds
but they wouldn't close

now i whisper
her name in winds
her name in winds
Track Name: Critical Mass
the air is thick with
anger and despair
i'm breathing for the both of us

our time is slowly
coming to an end
i'm just trying to keep us both afloat

until the sharks, they can taste our blood

as our last days
are more of the same
i can't hold on for much longer

our time is slowly
coming to an end
i'm just trying to keep us both afloat

until the sharks, they burrow in
and we'll sink to the ocean floor
Track Name: Heliocentric
she was the cloud / i watched cross the sun
her orange shade / melted into the blue

but like all things i grow to love
she'll evaporate
and disappear

she was the child / her eyes full of wonder
her fragile hands / held close her fragile heart
for when she let it go / it only seemed to crack
under the weight / of all her daydreams

but like all things she grew to love
her heart will shrivel
and disappear
Track Name: Simulation
she calls out to me from the darkness
she says she’s got some secrets
but i don’t know
what to say
when she’s around

i carried it all on my own
i shouldered the burden i never wanted her to know

somehow the waves are cresting
closer than even before
i’m scared i
don’t know what
she’s gonna say
i just know
i can’t be here
when she’s arrives

i carried it all on my own
the weight of the world for us two
you were allowed to run
while i shouldered the burden i never wanted you to know
Track Name: Constellations
You walk like a wounded cliché
an unprecedented comma
separates you from the others.
You’re in love with the games
that you play in your mind.
In your head you play these scenes
so desperately. An imitation of
a Gondry or a Polanski.
You bathe yourself in red wine,
and transform into an Ophelia
and wonder why there is no
laughter in this room.
You heard irony is back in fashion,
so you practiced these steps,
but failed to deliver perfectly.
You smile like you are the first man
on earth to solve the apocryphal
mysteries of love,
While the light goes on with its business,
You pickpocket every last drop.
Nobody has ever been saved,
who doesn’t know the secret passage
of regrets,
these are the constellations
that greet the flesh.
And bury our memories deep
to where only each other’s hands
can find them.
Track Name: Gadgets
what is left of this place we once called home
i don't care to sift through rubble just to remember
it's dead and buried like all the friends we've lost
so like the coastal plain we'll rearrange and move on

she whispers solemnly i wish i had stayed
but i've made my choice and those were the cards i played
and with that her ghost retreated to the shore
where the waves washed her memories away forever more

but i've got you, love
but i've still got you, love

this heaven we're building
it's all ours

i don't know where i'm going
i don't know what i need
but i know i want you
Track Name: No Wonder
we all used to watch the colors as they bled from the sky
like wilting angels descending back to earth
it all rains down, down, down

you’re all we’ve got now
so we might as well give up

may the song of the sparrow carry you toward the light
like so many before you

you’re the last of your kind
adrift on a deep blue sea
where loneliness engulfs your mind
with vague familiarity

the wonder and magic has left our moment
the wonder and magic has left us behind
Track Name: Kyoshu
we walked the busy streets of our town
remarking where the angels turn away

you’re closer now than before

the passage of time is misleading
when we were kids, it was easy
and that was only yesterday
at least it’s always seemed that way

our hearts have begun to show wear
our lives have outgrown our little home

i want to start all over with you
Track Name: The Murky Depths
as the color of the ocean changed
we lost sight of the bottom

soon you’ll understand
why we left land

the storms were swallowing our air
as the darkness lurked beneath

soon you’ll understand
why i let go of your hand

where the ocean takes you
wherever i end up
it’s all within the murky depths now